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This game was made in Scratch (https://scratch.mit.edu). Also: Save codes do not save your place in the level. When playing, it is best to save after you've played the first level.

This game is still in development, and there are a few glitches that I still haven't patched. But here's a guide to the main ones that will inconvenience you:

For some reason when you walk down slopes you cannot jump until you completely lose all momentum.

If the game is lagging, occasionally you will be able to jump through the ceiling, because the collision doesn't update fast enough.

Occasionally you can slide up walls. I have no idea what triggers this, it just exists.

For absolutely no reason whatsoever, the hitbox for the hub word replaces the hitbox for the level. Fix this by reloading the page.

If you copy and paste a save code with less than 10 deaths  your death count will glitch and become NaN when you die once again.

Tell me of any other glitches you find in the comments! it really helps me to have feedback.


v.0.1: First upload. Stage 1 made. Save codes currently not working.

v.0.2: Added start menu. Save codes no longer broken.

v.0.3: Added new start menu. Hitbox change glitch now less common to be faced.

v.0.4: Added some level optimizations to Stage 1. New level hopefully coming in the next update.


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Good Job! The game is pretty fun!!! 

Thank  you! There should be a new level coming soon.

Tell me what you think here!